Giving Back During The COVID-19 Crisis

Giving Back During The COVID-19 Crisis

At Metrics, giving back to our community has always been a priority and this year’s COVID-19 outbreak is no exception. We’re all in this together and being able to assist others is one of the many things we love about this business. As our way of giving back in these uncertain times, we are providing the following services free of charge to all of our clients.

  • No charge for work related to calculating COVID wage subsidies for employers.
  • Free consulting for BDC/EDC loan applications.
  • No charge for required compliance work for our clients in industries that have pivoted to help with critical sanitizer, mask or respiration creation.

We are dedicated to providing our community with updates, advisory and the latest developments. Metrics will continue to keep you posted through our social media outlets and website e-library.Stay tuned and stay home.


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Giving Back During The COVID-19 Crisis

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