Cloud-Based Accounting for Forward Thinking Professionals

Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting is a cloud-based accounting firm operating across Canada using an entirely web-based, paperless service. Metrics is at the intersection of financial technology, tax and accounting and is designed to help forward-thinking business owners and individuals optimize their business.

Access and share your files securely through multiple platforms.

Eliminate the time-consuming processes of paper-based accounting.

Access to all your files while guaranteeing privacy and peace of mind.

Meet Metrics

Our goal is to constantly disrupt the accounting market to keep our services relevant:


We are at the forefront of financial technology to help our clients design and implement efficient accounting systems. From Systems Reviews & Recommendation Reports to Implementation and Training (including managing parallel systems and UAT where appropriate), we’ll help you take your business into the future.


We will provide Notice to Reader and Reviewed Financial Statements and preparation and filing of everything you need to file with the CRA for corporations, partnerships, or individuals.


We provide advisory for planning, measurement, and follow up with a financial plan. We also provide recommendations for apps that integrate to your accounting system to track your business.


Metrics Academy…Coming soon.
We will bring the fintech revolution to the masses.
There are many ways to count to ten,
ours just happens to be the most efficient.


We’ve chosen to go paperless for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the impact paper production has on our environment. But more than simply an environmental decision, our choice to go paperless is based on the ease and security of digital filing.

By using digital documents secured through advanced encryption, our clients are able to use legally recognized electronic signature services that help eliminate the time-consuming process of printing, signing, mailing and filing single documents. Rather than booking appointments that take clients away from their work, we simply notify them electronically that something needs approval, then process the file as soon as it has been signed. It allows you to do things on your time, so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Here’s some info to help you decide if we’re a good fit:


Access to our collaborative Google Drive folder that contains all of your well-organized deliverables and financial information.


We make sure all our clients understand Google Drive, Right Signature and any other software that is a part of your package with Metrics.


As our clients, we encourage you to call or email your CPA for advice you need now to make the right decisions for your future. We love providing the advice, and won’t nickel and dime you for our discussions.


We offer proactive tax planning as part of each compliance membership. We will plan to minimize tax for you and your company and will identify any opportunities for improvement in your current tax strategy.


We determine everything you’d like Metrics to do for you or your company, and set a flat fee. Flat fees provide transparency on prices, and allow for better cash flow planning.


We have a library full of templates and memos that may be useful for you and your business. They’re all stored in Metrics’ Digital Library that is accessible to all of our members and continues to grow.

Financial Technology Consulting

This service is for clients who are forward-thinking and want to upgrade their accounting system to an online, integrated system, but who already have an accountant they love.

We will review your financial system and provide recommendations for technology and integrations that will take your financial department process to the next level. We also offer implementation of our recommended financial technology suite, so you don’t have to worry about transferring information into your new system.

Personal Memberships

We customize individual memberships to include services you need. This might look like help with your personal taxes, or with a proprietorship. It always includes access to your CPA, annual taxes and tax planning.

Corporate Memberships

We customize corporate memberships based on the services you need. These memberships always include preparation of required Financial Statements and Corporate Taxes, but can include many other services too. Here are some standard add-ons:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Payroll advisory, preparation, filing, and information slips (T4s,T4As,T5s);
  • GST/HST advisory, preparation and filing;
  • Metrics deck- analysis of your performance against key ratios;
  • CRA representation.

Want to move your business into the future?

The Paperwork Solution

Welcome to Metrics and our collaborative Google Drive. We’ll use this system to securely share all confidential information regarding your finances and taxes. Much safer than emailing documents, Google Drive allows for privacy and security, while also being incredibly simple to use. Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.


What does “cloud based” mean?
Cloud-based simply means that instead of keeping your files tucked into a paper folder in a filing cabinet at our office, we store everything in a secure area online. The files are made available to you through encrypted secure access, meaning you never have to wait to access them.
Will I get the chance to talk to someone?
Absolutely. We encourage direct contact, either in person or over face-to-face web meetings. We are available by phone, text or email – and will always respond to any inquiry you have in person.
How long do you keep my files online?
The CRA statute requires all records to be kept for seven years. Your records remain secured in our cloud-based records and are accessible to only you.
How secure is Cloud-Based accounting?
Extremely secure. We use the same security software that major financial institutions and banks use for things like your online banking. In fact, a lot of our security systems exceed the standards within the industry. We double encrypt all the files.
What are electronic signatures?
Electronic signatures are used to sign documents digitally. Rather than taking time out of your workday to book a meeting to sign documents – an act that only takes moments, but often eats up hours – you are able to add your approved signature to your document securely.
Can I get paper copies of my files?
Of course – just hit print!
Who has access to my files?
The only people who will have access to your files are you and the Metrics staff. Upon your request, we create secure sharing for specific files outside the firm to suit your needs.
What services do you offer?
Metrics offers all the same services any paper-based accountancy firm does, the only difference is that we secure everything online rather than in a filing cabinet behind a desk.


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The Firm Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting is a cloud-based accounting firm operating across Canada using an entirely web-based, paperless service. Metrics provides consulting services at the intersection of technology, tax, and accounting, and is designed to help forward-thinking business owners and individuals optimize their business. We are a young, thriving firm and are looking for great people to join the team. […]

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