Financial Statement Reviews & Assurance Services

In a financial statement review engagement we perform inquiry, analysis, and discussion to determine whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement and in accordance with the applicable accounting framework (ASPE or IFRS). We will produce financial statements that are customized for your business to help improve your understanding of the business and its performance.

When do you need a review?
Potential investors, banks, and creditors may request a review of your financial statements before completing a transaction with your business. Or, if you are a busy professional who does not work hands on in your business, you may want a review on your own businesses to ensure your financial team is operating competently, within acceptable management and accounting guidelines.

Compilations (Notice to Readers)

In a compilation agreement, we assemble your information into professionally prepared financial statements that are customized for your business to help you with compliance and to improve your understanding of the business and its performance.

When do you need a Notice to Reader?
You may require assistance compiling a set of financial statements for tax reporting, management decision-making, goal-setting, or for investors.

Private Client Services

Metrics offers Private Client Services for individuals with a net worth over $10 million who are able to take advantage of unique tax planning opportunities and want a more responsive, custom, and tailored service. Being a part of our PCS roster comes with a higher cost, but as there is a limit as to the number of clients Metrics will take in this program, there are significant benefits to being a member, including response time within 24 hours, opportunity-vetting, custom CRA advisory and guidance, included opinion letters, and more.

Other Assurance Engagements & Leveraging External Data

In an assurance engagement, we learn a lot about your business. As a result we’re in a position to formally advise you on recommendations for improvement in your business.

We can help review business processes, internal controls, establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) and leverage internal and external data to create meaningful data visualization and analysis for your business.

By understanding your key drivers, indicators, and how you compare to market, we can help you interpret your financial results so you can better understand and improve your business.

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Metrics Gives You Peace of Mind in Your Financials

Whether you’re looking for investors, concerned about compliance, or wanting insight on business growth, Assurance and Advisory services from Metrics can help.