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Adaptable Team

Metrics has worked with many high scale companies in the blockchain, consumer packaged goods, retail, cannabis, biotech, pet tech, clean tech, and saas businesses to improve their strategy and profitability. We act nimbly to provide timely financial and strategic business advice for our clients.

CFO Support Services

With CFO experience from start-ups to public companies, Metrics’ consultants are equipped to provide CFO level deliverables to support the busy CFO. Need a dynamic forecasting model to help control the business? Need an IFRS alternatives memo for reporting or interim IFRS financial statements for the exchange? Need a deal analysed for leverage in negotiating? We’re here for you!

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Metrics CFO & CFO Support Accounting Experts Are Ready For You

If your fast-growing company needs expert advice, the specialist CPAs at Metrics will ensure your solid financial foundation for the future.