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Experienced for your Security

Metrics has been involved in cryptocurrency advisory & taxation in Canada since early 2016 providing services to individuals and corporations looking to comply with CRA requirements and engage in tax planning to develop the most efficient tax plan. This ensures that our clients are not only on-side with the CRA, but are doing so in the way that most protects their wealth.

Advising Both Companies and Individuals

We have provided consulting services on taxation and crypto asset management and bookkeeping to large firms and smaller boutique agencies, as well as advised clients on the setup of their own cryptocurrencies.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Income Assessment

    Analysis of capital vs. income transactions

  • Income Tax Prep

    Calculation of profits/losses for tax purposes

  • Predicted Revenue

    Mining income calculation

  • Industry Training

    Consulting & Advisory to other accounting firms

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    Tax planning for crypto purchases/sales

  • Reports

    Detailed reporting to CRA on capital gains/losses or income transactions

  • Audit Advisory

    Cryptocurrency audit defense

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    Data Foundation

    Advisory on cryptocurrency creation & setup for tax structure

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    Incorporation for traders and tax rollovers

  • Ensure Security

    Security and technology advisory for tax purposes

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Experts in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Accounting and Policy

The specialist CPAs at Metrics are ready to help you through the challenges of blockchain and crypto taxation in Canada.