When we started Metrics, we wanted to create a modern accounting company, that does exceptional work and helps its clients achieve all their business goals, without the hassle of a regular client – accountant relationship.

You know what we are talking about: endless in-person meetings, a huge trail of paperwork, tens of hours wasted commuting from one office to another, hard to understand accounting ‘lingo’ and a tiresome relation overall.

This is where we shine, with our 5 star rated Online CPA Services.

Online CPA Services
Online CPA Services

How does an online CPA company work?

Everything is online. And now, during these challenging times, not having to see your CPA in person is not only a great time saver, but a potential life saver.

The way we do business is still the same: we handle your taxes, bookkeeping, data analysis and all other CPA services from the safety of our office, while you can do the work from the safety of yours.

Say goodbye to all the paperwork and access your financial data anytime you need it. And, as usual, our CPA specialists are always up to day with all the tax laws, allowing you to make the best steps in abiding them.

Online CPA Services for Clients all over Canada

We provide online chartered professional accounting services in Victoria, as it is our main office city, but, since the work is done online, we can serve clients from anywhere in Canada

What’s your industry? We can help!

It doesn’t matter if you run a traditional type of business or are into Blockchain or Cannabis. From construction to healthcare, from advertising to real estate, you’ll get an exceptional service from a modern cloud-based accounting company.

We’ve been involved in the Cryptocurrency taxation and advisory since 2016 and have kept up to date with the latest in the Canada tax laws.

Same with the Cannabis industry, which has developed tremendously in the past years. With major clients from this industry in our portfolio, we are the right cloud-based CPA company to advise you and ensure your success.

Our online CPA services we make accounting cool again, filing taxes is a breeze and all your financial data easy to access any time and from any place.