As soon as you open your own small business, you will need a dedicated accounting team to help you manage all the money issues: from bookkeeping, to goal setting, data analysis and even CFO services, once you grow it more.

Our online accountant Canada services provide you with the easy management of your company and straightforward growth planning, while keeping you safe and saving you a lot of time and money by working remotely.

Online Accountant Canada Services

Here are the main services our experts provide:

  • Taxes – from Corporate and Crypto Tax to CRA and GST/HST. Find out how to best file for your taxes and let our team get you the best results.
  • Assurance – potential investors, banks, and creditors may request a review of your financial statements before completing a transaction with your business. We make sure you present the right kind of data.
  • CFO Services – we know what exponential growth looks like and our consulting team will make sure you can take advantage of all opportunities.
  • Data Analytics – know exactly what metrics to look at, what data is relevant to your business and what potential all this information can bring you. Our 5 star data analytics services have helped countless clients make better financial moves.

When Do You Need to Hire Online Accountants?

An online accountant should be one of your first partners in running a business. You’ll be able to properly prepare a business plan, manage your cash flow and taxes, as you start getting some activity, make predictions for the near or far future, understand your weaknesses and see your strengths in dominating your industry.

As your business grows, you’ll need to get the right data shown, so that you can track progress and present your reports to investors, then, when your growth exceeds your initial plans, you will need the help of an experienced CFO to manage more investors and huge expansion.

All these (and more) are provided by Metrics, as a leading online accounting company in Canada.

If you want to find out more on how our remote accounting services can help you boost your growth, make sure to contact us.