Two people holding cardboard boxes. Person on left holds one large box and person of right hold two boxes stacked, you cannot see their faces. Both people wear blue jeans. There is a leafy plant to the left.

Metrics Has Moved!

As Metrics has been growing from our tiny little company five years ago, we have found ourselves requiring more space!

We now have 8 full-time staff on our team, and it was getting a little small in our old office.

We’ve recently moved offices to a much better location – We are now at 602 Broughton Street, just off of Government St.

Photograph showing the exterior of our new office, the Hamley Building on the corner of Broughton and Government Street
Metrics has leased the full third floor of the Hamley Building. This provides us with a larger boardroom and more space for our new staff.

If you have a meeting at Metrics in the near future, be sure to come to our new location – 602 Broughton St.

The best parking is in the Broughton St Parkade, across the street, if you can’t find a spot on the street.

(We’ll be sure to post photos of our beautiful new space once our renovations are completed.)

–The Metrics Team