Metrics is a digital accounting firm based in Victoria, BC. We operate online to service clients of all sizes, in locations across the country. As a digital firm, we’re able to provide support for our clients from Campbell River, BC to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Why Metrics?

We Have Deep Knowledge of Tax Issues
If you have a tax issue that you’re not sure how to navigate, bring it to Metrics. One of our experienced partners can help to guide you through the problem and help you come out on top. Our knowledge base includes:

  • Income Splitting
  • Residency Issues
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Speculation and Vacancy Tax
  • Shareholder Tax Planning
  • Cryptocurrency Taxation
  • Capital Dividends
  • Butterfly Transactions
  • Trust Use For Tax Planning
We're Business Owners, Too!
As business owners, we’re positioned to provide you with first-hand advice when it comes to guiding you in your business. Not sure whether you should invest in those assets? Run it by us, and we’ll complete an anlysis of your options and provide you with steps to move forward. We’re here for you.
We Give Back
All of our staff is involved in their community, whether thats volunteering time to coach field hockey, assisting charitable organizations sitting on their board of advisors, providing insight to the CPA professional association, or providing scholarships to those in our community, Metrics gives back to those who surround us. 
We Hire The Best
Our team has been selectively hired for their skills and for what they bring to the team. We are the first CPA pre-approved training office in western Canada, meaning our students end up with the strongest training coming out of our office. 
We're Digital
We operate on the forefront of technology. We’re able to service clients from anywhere. You don’t have to meet us in person if you don’t want to. We have advanced digital security protocols and are top in the class for data protection. We operate on a full cloud suite of software that ensures you have the easiest experience possible, from wherever you are. 
We're Always On Your Side
Whether you need to raise $9 million in your first fundraising round or need help communicating with the CRA, we’re always in your corner to assist with your advisory needs. Our team has been involved in multiple rounds of fundraising for our clients and our experience positions us as advisors to companies looking to take the next step. 

The CRA can also cause problems for business owners, and we’re there to defend you when you get that inevitable letter of review. Let us handle the messy details so you can get back to your business.


Regan McGrath CPA CA


Kyle Mackenzie CPA


Darren Lee BBA



Darren is a second year CPA articling student. After completing his BBA he came to Metrics to master tax and new business technologies. Darren manages community engagement at the firm, and is the driving force behind hilarious gifs on our shared dashboard. Outside of work, Darren is an international judo competitor and coach.


Sean Annable BBA



Sean completed his BBA specializing in accounting and started the CPA program in 2018. When not working hard to support our team, Sean manages content development for Metrics’ marketing. Outside Metrics, you’ll find him hiking around with his camera, or cooking up a feast for friends and family.

Rajin Allen BA



Rajin Allen started the CPA program in fall 2018, articling under the pre-approved CPA program at Metrics. Prior to completing a Post-Degree Diploma in accounting at Camosun College, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Victoria with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economic Policy. He is heavily involved in the various tech projects Metrics is undertaking, while also utilizing his strong writing ability to enhance content at the firm. He is interested in tax advisory related to property development and blockchain.


Serena Sousa BA



Serena completed her BA in Economics at the University of Victoria. A recent graduate of Camosun College with a Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting, she is currently working towards her CPA designation. Outside of work Serena is actively involved in the Victoria music scene, volunteering her time to help foster and advance local music and the community that surrounds it.

Chelsea Rabey BSc.



With an Economics Degree from UVic, Chelsea gravitated towards Metrics to flex her business skills and help us streamline operations. Whether investigating coding solutions to allow automated business integrations, working on our AI robot project, or assisting clients on operational issues, Chelsea is working to take businesses to the future.  

Leah Southworth



Leah joined Metrics through a non-traditional path; she started her career as a mechanic in Edmonton and after sailing to Alaska and back she decided to change her focus. Bringing her broad skills and boundless knowledge to the firm, Leah assists with day-to-day communication, helping anyone in any way she can, while trying to make the office a happier place. She spends her free time either on the ocean or on the road.