At Metrics we offer a roboadvisory model for professional services- that is, Robots and CPAs working together.
Heres how we work:

Meet Metrics

The client contacts Metrics through our website, by phone or email. A link to book a meeting is then set to the client by email.

Following the meeting, the client moves to the on-boarding process or is sent a proposal with details of services and pricing.



Client Intake Form

The client is sent an introduction email including an explanation of what they need for onboarding and a link to a form to collect pertinent information.

Google Drive Sharing

An email is sent out explaining Google Drive and the folder structure. We send a request to the client to upload the relevant documents required to complete the job.


The client is then sent an RC59/T1013 through RightSignature that authorizes Metrics as a representative.

Client will receive a follow-up engagement letter through RightSignature outlining all services Metrics will provide, as well as pricing.

Working Together

An accountant from Metrics will then work directly with the client on approved services.

Once the client’s job has been completed, it will be sent to the client for review. Following approval the client will sign all relevant documents digitally. We’ll then send your invoice over, and provide confirmation of filing once paid.