Financial reporting can turn into a burden, if you focus on the wrong metrics or use cumbersome data analytics systems.

Ever since we opened our doors to customers, we wanted to help our clients become more effective, successful and better organized.

Knowing what KPIs to follow, how to read your reports and what’s the next step for your business are all mandatory to succeed.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the science that allows us to analyze financial data and reach conclusions, business predictions, and correct diagnostics.

Since the information is so abundant, we use a series of automatic processes and software that make reporting easier to understand and share.

And, since we provide online CPA services, it’s incredibly easy for you to use these results and optimize your performances.

Data Analytics for Businesses

How Is Data Analytics Used in Business?

Everything is big data in our lives and businesses are no different. By analyzing all these reports and being able to focus on what’s relevant for your business development, data analytics helps us show you exactly what to focus on.

We can understand together your customers, what they buy, what products or services need improvements, how your advertising is working, what products or services you could build to outperform your competitors.

Enter Our Data Analytics Services

Now that we know that data analysis is mandatory for a thriving business, let’s see what you can expect from our company:

  • data is presented in goal-oriented reports and real time dashboards, that allow you to take immediate measures to secure your success.
  • we include KPIs, graphs, benchmarks and charts to make data reading easier and more effective.
  • we don’t just focus on simple data reporting, any basic cloud based accounting software could do this, but we show you how your business is really doing, what works and what you should focus on next. As experienced Chartered Professional Accountants, we take the extra-step into making your business grow.

How Does Data Analytics Work with Metrics?

In short, it’s effective, easy to use and we miss NO data. Plus, if you used traditional accounting systems, our experts will import your data safely.

Direct API for Automated Data Reporting

We automate financial reports, so that you can export reports in seconds for your lenders or the management team. Waste no more time with cumbersome reporting, our data analytics software is easy to use and effective.

Our CPA team, well versed in financial analytics will help you establish meaningful key performance indicators and measure exactly what’s relevant for your growth.

Modern Data Analysis and Reporting Tools

We love to work with reporting tools like Fathom and Spotlight, which make it easier for you to digest all the financial data we present. Here are the main benefits of using these:

  • Data visualization
  • KPI analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance consolidation for multiple entities
  • Cash flow projection tools

Safe Data Migration from Your Old Accounting Systems to Our Modern Business Intelligence Software

Migrating data from old accounting software to new ones is a headache for most business owners. It takes time and important data can be lost during the transition.

We know this, so our team has developed a safe process to move your data to our new data analytics systems, without any loss of information.

You’ll have a data archive that can be easy to consult and use in the future for all your business predictions and reporting.

From this moment on you’ll be able to set queries from the available data and get the exact details you need. Monitoring and reporting is a breeze, when your new data analysis system knows how to present exactly what you need to search for and not encumber you with useless details.

We work with reporting tools like Microsoft BI and Tableau to provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Data visualization
  • Real-time queryable databases
  • KPI analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Situational analysis

Most importantly, when you rely on experienced CPAs, like our team here at Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting, data analytics is no longer stressful or ineffective.

If you can get the proper reports, KPIs and business predictions there is no stopping you to grow your company and improve on the metrics that really matter.