Team Spotlight: Rajin Allen – Managing our Crypto Division

A big congratulations to our newest soon-to-be CPA! Raj has successfully passed the Common Final Examination (CFE), and will be proud to wear his CPA badge in the coming weeks.

Raj has had a keen personal interest in cryptocurrency dating back to his start with Metrics in 2018 when he started as a student, working his way towards his professional CPA designation for the last three years.  During his experience with personal and corporate taxation involving businesses of all kinds and for the last year, specifically cryptocurrency corporations, Raj has been studying under the guidance of Kyle Mackenzie, our Partner and cryptocurrency tax expert, for years. As Kyle’s “right-hand man”, Rajin has seen it all.

Whether it’s DeFi and cross-chain transactions, CeFi, NFTs or high frequency/leverage trading, he can help guide clients through the complex process of crypto taxation, including some of the more complex reorganizations and restructuring Metrics has become known for. His keen interest and involvement with cryptocurrency personally, and professionally with our firm, led to him jumping in with both feet to manage our cryptocurrency division workflow.

So, if you are a cryptocurrency client, you can expect Raj to be helping you along in the process both directly in communications and behind the scenes to make sure your file is handled with care.

Congrats, Raj!