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Blockchain is Coming

We made the front page!

Metrics CPA partners Regan McGrath and Kyle Mackenzie have graced the front page of the latest issue of CPABC’s In Focus magazine with their story on blockchain technology. All us proud tech nerds at Metrics are stoked to see interest continue to blossom in this space.

The fact that Canada’s accounting regulatory body is showing enthusiasm for this emerging technology goes to show accountants are on the leading edge of business technology.

“A new Internet era is emerging—one that could dictate the future of commerce: “the Internet of Value” (IoV). The vision for the IoV is that value (money, payments, and property registries) will eventually move in the same costless way and at the same near-instant speed as information does today, without the need for intermediaries like chartered banks and clearinghouses.”
Change is coming. Are you in the loop?