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Cloud Accountants Do It Better

HubDoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants emblem, with Metrics CPA named as one of the top 50 in 2017
We’re excited to be named one of HubDoc’s Top 50 Cloud Accountants!

At Metrics, we love Hubdoc. We’ve been paperless since the beginning, and HubDoc has been a huge part of turning our clients’ paper into organized, digital bliss that helps us deliver the most accurate and easy to navigate documents.

Its not just a cloud-based document management system. Their impressive optical character recognition allows clients to snap photos of their receipts which their software can read and interpret, saving a massive amount of data entry. Hubdoc will read the date, vendor, invoice number, and amount and fill in the blanks for you. Best of all, it links with our favourite accounting software, Xero; so, all you have to do is set the proper tax code and accounts, and send it off to Xero to be settled. HubDoc links up to you bank accounts, utilities, and other major vendors to automatically pull invoices from your email, making the process even simpler.

We love innovative companies, and Hubdoc has been a leader in financial document management software.

Thanks for the nod, and keep up the great work!