When we started Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting, we knew how important an accountant is for all businesses in Victoria, BC, but we also wanted to streamline the process and allow our clients to get better results.

All our clients are busy people, as it takes a lot of hard work to make it as a business, whether small or big. Doing all the traditional accounting takes a huge amount of time and effort, which most of our clients don’t have anymore.

So we took accounting one step ahead and started providing online CPA services, successfully integrated cloud accounting software options in our daily work and kept clients safe, during the COVID pandemic.

As most of the work we do together is now online, there is no reason for you to leave the safety of your office/home, while still doing ALL your accounting work without any hassles.

Accountant Victoria BC Main Services and Perks

Data Analytics for Business

The type of data that is easy to use and provides exact intel on how your business is doing. You’ll know exactly how you fulfilled your business goals, what strategies to employ and select the exact information you need for any process or audit.

CFO Services

As your company grows, you may need a contract CFO to help navigate growth, scale, opportunity and complexity. Our consulting team works closely with you to provide a clear picture of the current state of your business as well as offering leadership on strategic direction for the future.

Online CPA Services

Get all your accounting work done online with our Online CPA Services.

How Does an Accountant in Victoria Help Your Business?

  • Cloud Based Accounting Software – we use modern cloud accounting software that allows you to easily see all your data and be able to handle the accounting work without leaving your office.
  • Excellent Data Analytics – we pride ourselves with our Data Analytics tools and settings. Instead of wading through countless useless data, we provide an easy to use dashboard that shows you exactly what you need.

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